The 10 muse commandments
of flavour

Each ChoFleur is completely natural, without any colourants, preservatives, alcohol or flavour enhancers.
We are an artisanal producer, we make everything in small portions. The fresher our products are, the tastier they are. We suggest you enjoy your ChoFleurs within two to four weeks after you purchased them.

1Hallow me as a gift of the Gods.2You’ll love ChoFleur. You’ll love me lots.3Allow yourself your daily taste.4Share with friends, there shall be no waste.5Your eyes and tongue will be ecstatic.6Your taste buds will become fanatic.7As nature's wonder honour me.8Your pinnacle of culture I shall be.9Enjoy. With only slight moderation.10And lead yourself into temptation.

How to keep
your ChoFleurs
as fresh as possible

Ideally, you keep your ChoFleurs cool (14 to 18°C) in a dark, dry and scent-free area. You don’t have a cool room? You can also store them in the vegetable drawer of your fridge. You need to first wrap the box in plastic wrap, though, to protect your ChoFleurs against any moisture and odours.


That is how to get maximum enjoyment out of your ChoFleurs

Before unwrapping your ChoFleurs, let them acclimatise for a quarter of an hour or so.
They will be at their best if you do that.

ChoFleur fits perfectly under your palate, because of its clever shape. Its magic comes mainly to the fore if you let it melt slowly on your tongue. That is when all flavours and aromas come into their own and you’ll enjoy your ChoFleur the longest.

Allergen info

Each ChoFleur can contain traces of lactose, tree nuts, soya, gluten, eggs, sesame or peanuts.